Thursday, September 1, 2011

Committee in Management with Advantages and Disadvantages

A committee is a group of people assembled by the management to take decisions or advise on a particular issue. This post would be a good tutorial for assignment help for students studying organisation behaviour.

Committees perform some managerial functions and have their own definite structure. They have some authority and responsibility and depending on that it may be line or staff committee. There are some different types of committees that have been adopted by the organization. If the committee have the power to take decisions and make it done through the subordinates then it is line committee. Line committee is also known as plural executive or executive committee.

And if committee is of advisory in nature then it is staff authority. Committees that is formed temporary and do not have any authority are of informal in nature.

Advantages of Committees

There are advantages with the committee system these are as follows:
  • Integrated Group Knowledge: Committees help to bring together a variety views, interests, and expertise together for completion of task. It helps in improving the quality of decisions.
  • Representative: Decisions taken by the committee are easily accepted by all departments, because it represents the interest of the entire department.
  • Co-ordination of plans and policies: Committees makes all plans and policies involving the activities of different departments. This helps in bringing coordination in all the departments and considering the interest of all.
  • Establish teamwork: Committees believe in doing the work in team that leads to conformity of the organization goals. It is further helpful in making personal interaction that builds mutual understanding.
  • Participative: Sometimes committees involve the subordinates interest in the decision making process. That leads to bring the participative approach and boost up the morale of the employees.
  • Improved Communication: Committees provide more of face to face communication rather than written reports or memoranda. It helps in solving the problems frequently.

Disadvantages of Committees
Some of the disadvantages of committees are mentioned below:
  • Expensive: Committees involve large amount of time in taking the decisions and that further increases the cost. It also takes time and cost in preparing the reports and maintaining the staff.
  • Compromise: Sometimes decision made by the committee on the basis of majority that is not justified because some of the group members have to compromise.
  • Part time job: Work in a committee being part time and an additional responsibility beyond normal responsibilities within parent department, members of the committee may not take the work of committee very seriously.
  • Responsibility: Committees dilute the responsibility for a task. No single person can be held responsible for poor results produced by committee.


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